CCIE Study Method – Part I

I’ve started studying towards my CCIE in Routing and Switching, and wanted to outline my CCIE study method. Primarily to keep myself on track, and as a reference, but also to share the process I plan to study by. Many of the resources below I’ve collated from other successful CCIE blogs and recommendations on the Cisco website and forums and pieced together what I think will work for me.

CCIE Study Method – The basics

In bullet point form, this is roughly the order and process I will follow to study for, and sit the CCIE Exams

  • Learn to type correctly and increase my typing speed
  • Read books from recommended reading list
  • Purchase INE Materials – Audio, Video and Lab Guides
  • Build custom CCIE rack and work through INE Lab Guides
  • Take Written Exam
  • Further Rack Time
  • Take Lab Exam

Learning to type correctly

While not specifically for CCIE knowledge or a particular CCIE Study Method, I plan to increase my typing speed. I’ve purchased Mavis Beacon Typing in order to improve my typing speed. I hope that this will allow me to be more productive in the CCIE LAB exam when using the documentation and when entering commands into the routers.

Read books from recommended reading list

There are a number of recommended books on the CCIE reading list. I’ve been able to source the following books by purchasing them or borrowing them from my local and university libraries. Some universities allow you to join for a annual fee if you’re not a student. The fee was reasonable, about the cost of one of the books itself.

This is my reading list and the order I plan to attack these, I’m currently on the first book:


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