CCIE Study Method – Part II

If you’ve missed part one of my CCIE Study Method you can find it here.

CCIE Study Method – II

Purchase INE Materials

I’ve heard good things about the CCIE preparation materials at, specifically their video training courses, audio bootcamp and lab workbooks. Their all access pass seems to be a bit costly, so I’m not sure yet if I’ll go with a monthly or annual pass. They’ve got over 2200 video’s and I’m not sure how long this would take me to get through. My CCIE Study Method will have me watching 3-4 hours per night so will need to estimate how long I’ll need to remain subscribed before I choose this option. The annual subscription does include access to the lab guides, so this may be the more cost effective way to go.

Build custom CCIE rack and work through INE Lab Guides

I’ve started to accumulate Cisco routers and switches already, most are up to spec with the INE topology mainly consisting of Cisco 2600XM, 1841 and 2800 routers. For the BB routers I’ve got a 2522 as the Frame Switch and I’m using a Cisco 837 as well as a Cisco 1721 with Serial WIC-1T in place of BB2 and BB3. I’ve got 1 x 3750 switch, 1 x 3560 switch and 2 x 3550 switches.

Take Exams

With all this study under my belt I then plan to take the written exam before my son’s second birthday. This will be in July 2013. My initial target for the written exam will be April 2013, provided study goals are reached within this time frame  After the written exam is passed I’ve got 18 months to attempt the lab exam. The Cisco CCIE R&S lab exam is an 8 hour hands on lab which consists of troubleshooting and configuration of Cisco Routing and Switching. It isn’t cheap either, with costs around US$1500 per attempt and around 20% of candidates passing on the first try. Regardless of CCIE Study Method one thing I’ll definitely have to get under control is my nerves. My nearest testing centre is located in Sydney, Australia.

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