Christmas gifts for the family – What to buy?

Wow – 40 days until Christmas and I’m totally unprepared – I’ve normally started buying Christmas gifts for the family already by now. My wife and I don’t get each other gifts, instead we always agree to have a fancy dinner out or go away on a nice holiday each year – and having a 16 month old as well has meant we haven’t been away this year. Will have to make sure next our years holiday is a good one.

Christmas gifts for the family

Lets start with the easiest one, my sister and her partner – Mum has already told me that they need bakeware. I’m going to go to our local homewares store and get a good selection of bakeware and baking related tools.

My Grandfather enjoys our annual gift basket for him. We fill this with confectionery, food and drink which he always loves.

I’m really stuck on my parent’s Christmas gift. I tried asking my parents what they wanted for Christmas, they’re the hardest people to buy for. They paid off their mortgage a few years ago and both are working. It seems whenever they need something they just go out an buy it. Dad suggested a Logitech Mobile Boombox – but at NZD $149 it is a bit out of our budget. Mum and Dad both enjoy watching movies and have a small home theatre setup and a satellite TV box that separates to multiple rooms. Dad’s got a Universal Remote Control, but often complains that the remote range isn’t far enough and he has to go back to where the satellite decoder is to change the channel. I thought a Next Generation Remote control Extender might be the best option. It claims 100ft range, I just don’t know how it works if you’re in the room and change the channel. Does it send the signal twice – once from the actual remote and once from the IR Blaster? Worst case scenario if I can’t find anything else suitable it might be a gift basket for them as well… or socks. Hee Hee

Maybe Christmas gifts for the family should be socks for all, if only I knew their sizes !

Who else has difficulty finding the perfect Christmas gifts for the family. And what are you getting them this year?

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