Implement and Troubleshoot Switch Administration + Doc Links

Implement and Troubleshoot Switch Administration

I’m currently working towards the CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam version 5.0 and I’m following on from the Cisco provided blueprint. Below are a portion of the sub topics I’m currently studying that align with the Cisco blueprint. I’ve also linked to the relevant page in the documentation. This is the same documentation available to exam candidates in the exam.

I’m often trying to find where each of the topics from the CCIE R&S Blueprint is within the Cisco documentation (aka Cisco DocCD) so I can quickly find what I need in the Lab Exam, some topics are pretty straightforward and some take me a while to find. I’ll outline more topics as I work through the Blueprint. I also plan to add my own studynotes to go along with the official documentation. Let me know if you see any errors or omissions.

First up, Implement and Troubleshoot Switch Administration.

1.1a Implement and Troubleshoot Switch Administration

1.1.a(i) Managing the MAC Address Table – Doc Link

Sub Topics:

•Building the Address Table
•MAC Addresses and VLANs
•Default MAC Address Table Configuration
•Changing the Address Aging Time
•Removing Dynamic Address Entries
•Configuring MAC Address Change Notification Traps
•Configuring MAC Address Move Notification Traps
•Configuring MAC Threshold Notification Traps
•Adding and Removing Static Address Entries
•Configuring Unicast MAC Address Filtering
•Disabling MAC Address Learning on a VLAN
•Displaying Address Table Entries

1.1.a(ii) Errdisable Recovery – Doc Link

1.1.a(iii) L2 MTU – Doc Link


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