Choosing firmware for Draytek ADSL Routers

I recently stumbled upon the firmware page for the Draytek DV120 after having an issue with stable connectivity – The manufacturer makes available 10 varieties of the same version of firmware with no guidance as to how we should be choosing firmware for Draytek ADSL Routers.

After contacting various suppliers of Draytek worldwide and discussions with Telco’s in New Zealand I’ve found that two main chipset DSLAMs exist at the moment. Broadcomm chipset based DSLAMs are used in older installations and the Ikanos chipset isused in the dual personality A/VDSL DSLAMs within Chorus cabinets.

The standard Draytek firmware is recommended for Ikanos chipset DSLAMs, whereas the firmware with modem code 332201 is recommended for Broadcom based DSLAMs. But how can you tell what you are connected to?

The way to tell is at the command line, after you telnet into the Draytek, is to run the ‘adsl status’ command & check the ‘DSLAM CHIPSET VENDOR’ string at the bottom.  ‘BDCM’ is Broadcom and at the moment Ikanos chipset DSLAMs appear as ‘Unknown’.

Choosing firmware for Draytek ADSL Routers

After running the command and analysing the vendor details below <BDCM> I upgraded to modem code firmware 332201 and so far the connection has been solid with no loss of connectivity.

> adsl status ?
--------------------------- ATU-R Info (hw: annex A, f/w: annex A) -----------
   DSL Modulation          : ADSL2+(G.992.5)
   State                   : SHOWTIME
   DS Actual Rate          : 14019698 bps   US Actual Rate       :  1009032 bps
   DS Attainable Rate      : 14660000 bps   US Attainable Rate   :  1009000 bps
   DS Path Mode            :        Fast    US Path Mode         :        Fast
   DS Interleave Depth     :      160       US Interleave Depth  :        1    
   NE Current Attenuation  :       35 dB    Cur SNR Margin       :       13  dB
   DS actual PSD           :    18. 3 dB    US actual PSD        :    12. 1   dB
   ADSL Firmware Version   : 321311_A
  -------------------------------- ATU-C Info ---------------------------------
   Far Current Attenuation :       15 dB    Far SNR Margin       :       11  dB
   CO ITU Version[0]       : 00004244       CO ITU Version[1]    : 0000434d

Hopefully this helps others when choosing firmware for Draytek ADSL Routers. If you have used another firmware variety let me know what worked for you.

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