Our 9 month old boy absolutely loves Pocoyo

Pocoyo Animated TV SeriesOur 9 month old boy absolutely loves Pocoyo! After showing him an episode of this animated TV series on YouTube at around 4-5 months of age he now can’t get enough. We let him watch 1 or occasionally 2, seven minute episodes each day as a treat.

We had shown him Baby Einstein and similar “Baby” oriented videos but the animation in these always seemed too busy and couldn’t hold his interest.

Simplicity is what Pocoyo has and this helps hold his interest. There is no background in the animation, but has instead a few 3D characters on a white screen and simple catchy music.

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Presenting VMware LUNS to a Windows based server using iSCSI

Just finished my Veeam Technical certification online as a part of the “Veeam University”. I was reminded of the issues with presenting an iSCSI VMware LUN to a Windows based server, which is something that is second nature for me now, but I still see it as quite a trap for those starting off with products like those offered by Veeam.

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